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COMPLiGAMING is a specialized regulatory compliance and licensing company for the online gaming industry. Our compact team of three professionals brings over eight years of experience in finance, including two seasoned lawyers and an MSc holder. We focus on securing and maintaining licenses for clients in various jurisdictions, with expertise in the evolving Dutch gaming market. Our client-focused approach, built on integrity and transparency, helps facilitate seamless transitions into new gaming markets. We provide innovative solutions for regulatory compliance, emphasizing fair play, customer protection, and operational excellence. Contact us today for a dependable partnership in the online gaming space.

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Compliance services

CompliGaming provides tailored compliance solutions for the online gaming industry, covering licensing, data protection, responsible gaming, and anti-money laundering. Trust us to ensure player safety and regulatory adherence.

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Responsible Gaming and Player Protection

CompliGaming ensures responsible gaming and player protection. We develop tailored policies, implement safeguards, and offer support services, fostering a safe and secure gaming environment.

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CompliGaming ensures GDPR compliance for online gaming. Tailored policies, training, and monitoring protect data privacy and maintain regulatory adherence.


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Compliance Services

Welcome to CompliGaming's comprehensive Compliance Services. As specialists in both the iGaming and financial industries, we are dedicated to supporting your business in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance with utmost precision. Our experienced team of professionals offers a range of vital services to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving compliance landscape. From compliance audits and license applications to tailored policy development and KYC AML risk assessments, we stand ready to be your dependable partner in ensuring fair play, customer protection, and operational excellence. Let us guide you on your compliance journey and transform challenges into opportunities for success.

  • Compliance Audits: Ensure regulatory adherence in iGaming and financial operations with thorough assessments and risk identification.
  • License Applications: Expert assistance in obtaining licenses for legal and responsible operations in both industries.
  • Policies and Procedures: Tailored policy development for robust compliance and risk management.
  • KYC AML Risk Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation to strengthen KYC and AML processes and prevent financial crimes.

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Responsible Gaming and Player Protection

At CompliGaming, we help you develop and implement responsible gaming policies and player protection measures that comply with all regulations, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your players. Our experts tailor these measures to your specific needs, including risk identification and mitigation, self-exclusion options, and access to support services. We also offer guidance on regulatory compliance, enhancing player trust, and protecting them from harm, promoting ethical and responsible gaming practices for long-term success in the industry.

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At CompliGaming, we specialize in GDPR services tailored for gaming and gambling businesses. Our comprehensive process begins with a GDPR Compliance Assessment, identifying risks and providing tailored recommendations. We offer GDPR Compliance Implementation, DPO services, customized training, and ongoing compliance monitoring. Trust us to navigate the complexities of GDPR for your business's data privacy and protection needs. Contact us today for more information or a consultation.


What is compliance, and why is it important for online gambling operators?

Compliance refers to adhering to relevant laws and regulations in the industry. It is essential for online gambling operators to comply with regulations to ensure that they are operating ethically and responsibly, protecting their players, and avoiding potential legal and financial risks.

What is responsible gaming, and how can your company help me implement responsible gaming policies?

Responsible gaming is a set of policies and practices aimed at promoting safe and responsible gambling practices. Our team can work with you to develop and implement responsible gaming policies that comply with all relevant regulations and ensure the safety and wellbeing of your players.

What is the process for developing and implementing procedures and policies for compliance, and how can your company assist me with this?

CompliGaming develops and implements compliant policies and procedures, covering anti-money laundering, responsible gaming, and data protection. Our experts ensure ethical and responsible operations while integrating these policies into your company's culture seamlessly.

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Upcoming Events

19 - 21 SEPTEMBER 2023

SBC Barcelona


OCT 31 - NOV 2 2023

SBC Latino-America



13-17 November 2023


Malta, MMH

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Get ready for Golden Amigos!

The iGamingNext event was a succes!

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Vision and Mission Statements

Our Vision

CompliGaming envisions a responsible gaming industry built on integrity and trust, where players are safeguarded, and businesses thrive with seamless compliance solutions. We strive to be the trusted partner of choice, promoting fair play and operational excellence.

Our Mission

CompliGaming's mission is to empower the online gaming industry with specialized compliance and licensing services. We ensure responsible gaming, customer protection, and operational excellence, while fostering trust and sustainability.

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